Welcome to Twin Peaks

My log does not judge.

The British Hubby was a Twin Peaks fan when it first aired. Naturally living in the PNW, one has to find the Twin Peaks sign while driving ones sidecar. 005We think this is where the spot would have been had it not been taken down for repairs. This was also our first wet ride. We were actually both pretty dry when we stopped for a bowl of soup to warm up. 009Okay, we also split a piece of pie while I worked on my Watermelon socks. This pair is getting to do quite a bit of traveling. 006I love how the weather can be very localized due to mountains. I never get tired of watching a cloud roll in. 008.JPGThis ride was more to test how water proof our gear is. Everything was pretty dry so our next focus is getting heated thermals so we can stay warm as the temperature continues to drop. 018Burt and Ernie wouldn’t dream of leaving this spot when it’s cold and rainy. Don’t they look cozy?


Our Journey Back in Time

Remember happiness is a way to travel not a destination.

I meant to post about this sooner, but the day job is keeping me extra busy. The British Hubby and I recently time traveled. We went back over 2000 years to era of the first Emperor of China. Actually, we made a journey to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. Words really can’t do this experience justice. I think the photos speak for themselves.


It is believed there are at least 8,000 life sized terracotta figures at the First Emperor’s burial site. So far, only 2,000 have been unearthed.


Look at the detail every figure has.

This is another example of amazing craftsmanship. Each clay piece had a hole hand punched so it could be assembled into armor.


It really was spectacular to see in person.


I think my burial site would be filled with terracotta cats. Like Gracie out in the wild of our back yard.



Totally Eclipsed by Socks

Don’t let anything or anyone block your sunshine.

The solar eclipse was on Monday. The closer one was to the path of totality, the more spectacular the show. It was pretty amazing in the PNW. I was one of the people that still needed to attend their day job, but we made an event of it. My day job bought everyone the approved glasses and we were able to work outside during the morning. It was fascinating to watch the moon move across the sun.


I wasn’t expecting the temperature to drop. Nor was I expecting moon shaped shadows. These are supposed to be leaves.

Earlier in the month, I had an impulse purchase of sock yarn to mark this solar eclipse. Some people buy t-shirts, I buy sock yarn. Blue Moon Fiber Arts had a special colorway, A Total Eclipse of the Sun. These are going to be really neat. If I hadn’t already wound my watermelon yarn (see photos further down), I would be casting on with this yarn right now!


Here’s  a group shot of my sock wips hanging out by my next door neighbor’s amazing flowerbed.


  • Shark Bait II: I started sock two!
  • TDS 5.2.17: I’m working on the heel for sock one. There are around 460 finished pairs of this sock.
  • Junkie U Socks: Once this sock got going, it was easy to get in a groove. I’m working on the foot for sock one.
  • TDS 5.4.17: Not much progress on this one and stage five is about to start. I’m still on the cuff. There are about 380 finished pairs of this pattern.


I think Ernie is trying to give me hints he wants a pair of socks. What color do you think would look best on him?

Viva La Revolution

Those that make peaceful revolutions impossible; make violent revolution inevitable. ~ John F. Kennedy 

Happy Bastille Day! Today is Independence day in France. A common misconception about the uprising at Bastille was the intent to set the prisoners free. The original rioters were looking for proper ammunition. They were looting for firearms and cannons. This brought their search to the Bastille resulting in a brutal beheading of the prison governor and his officers. According to Time History.com, “That event bolstered the revolution’s political meaning and the idea of the storming of the Bastille as a demonstration against political tyranny, rather than a violent event.” Today is a day to celebrate your freedom to revolt. Commit a thought crime or maybe eat cake. We celebrated with a high energy smoothie (the British Hubby wasn’t excited about the color).


Ernie decided to check out the world for up high.

Have a fabulous weekend!

P.S. Just 7 hours and 8 minutes until TDS begins. Woot Woot!


This Date in History

The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future. ~ Theodore Roosevelt 

Here’s an interesting fun fact. Today in 1975, Chinese archaeologists discovered a 3-acre burial site with 6,000 clay statues of warriors dating as early as 221 BC. These Terracotta Warriors are currently on exhibit at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. I’ve always wanted to see this exhibit so I’m pretty excited it’s spending some time locally. The British Hubby and I haven’t gone to see it yet, but we plan to this summer.


I’ve had a little bit of knitting time since Sunday, but nothing really photo worthy. A few projects are approaching the finish line, but completed project photos are much more exciting than progress shots. Instead, I give you all the unusual places I’ve found Ernie sleeping this past week. Enjoy!


Musings on the Midwest

I grew up in the Midwest. The British Hubby always says, “You can take the girl out of the Midwest, but you can’t take the Midwest out of the girl.” I’ll always be a Midwesterner at heart. Here’s a few highlights of my favorite things to do when I visit my family.

Lightening bugs also known as fireflies. I used to spend hours chasing lightening bugs as a child. Sadly, the Midwest is the only place I’ve lived with lightening bugs.



The lightening bugs would pose for a photo shoot, but the corn was willing.

Summer thunder storms. When I landed, it was in the 90’s with much more humidity than the Pacific Northwest. This creates the perfect conditions for a summer storm with thunder and lightening. A good one rolled through that actually knocked out the power for a few hours. This provided an opportunity to knit by candle light. I didn’t think to get a photo, but here’s one with my knitting and a snack on the plane.


The food. I learned how to cook and bake at a young age. My mom and grandmother still make almost everything from scratch. In the summer, much of it comes from the garden in their back yards. I also love a good taco pizza. This is a specialty item that I’ve never been able to find outside of the Midwest. Think taco on a crust with a refried bean base instead of pizza sauce.

It’s the last day of June. I would love to say I liberated four orphans while I was in the Midwest, but I didn’t. A few just need some finishing touches. I did manage to find a lovely little yarn shop to buy more yarn. Below is hand dyed sock yarn from a local shop and cotton for dishcloths. I think I was missing the water while in the Midwest as I only bought blue yarn.


I also decided to start over on the TdS stage one socks. Here’s a photo of my cuff hanging out with the cuff from Stage three.


Update on other wips:

  • Earth & Sky: Finished skein two! Sadly, it’s still not long enough to start the border so I’m going to have to acquire a fourth skein. Hopefully, I’ll find a good holiday sale this weekend.
  • Chairty Malt: No progress made on this one.
  • Washington Mist: Fourth short row lace section is complete. I’m on row 2 of 12 of the end . It doesn’t sound like much, but each row is around 400 stitches.

I would love to say I can liberate additional Orphans in July, but if I’m honest I will probably just add another month on to my quest. Or maybe I can try for nine Orphans the next few months.

I’m going to leave you with a bonus chicken photo along with the normal cat picture. Oscar the chicken is sporting his cheese head.

Breaking News

I had a knitting update 95% ready to post when I received a phone call from my hubby. He had a hitchhiker on his way to work. A mouse was currently scurrying around the inside of his car. Hubby was safely pulled off to the side of the road trying to coax the little guy out, but of course it was raining so why would he want to leave? Little mousy even tried to look out the window a few times to see the view.

Thinking it might be a bad idea to drive on the freeway with a mouse roaming in your car, Hubby decided to work from home. This little guy has been sitting in the car all day, barely moving.


Currently the car is open to encourage him to find a new home, but it doesn’t seem to be working. We think it’s either pregnant or dying. Can we really put a dying animal outside to be eaten by the local wildlife?

Stayed tuned for updates on Mr. Mouse.