Grumpy Hikers

If you come to a fork in the road, take it. ~ Yogi Berra

Last Saturday, the British Hubby and I decided to try a new hike. We packed our bags the night before and set the alarm. It wasn’t easy to get up early on a Saturday, but our determination paid off as we were the first car parked at the trail head. The first two miles up where hard. We had just stopped for our first snack to refuel when a group of trail runners passed us making the elevation gain look like a stroll through the park. (Seriously, I was already a little exhausted.) Upwards we hiked. 002.JPGWe had some stunning vistas on the way up. 001Naturally, the only rain shower was when we reached the lake for lunch. So we didn’t stay long nor did we get any photos. I don’t even think a photo could do this view justice. It was that spectacular. 006We almost had a knitting mishap. I had taken off my Mount St. Helen’s Cowl on the way up so I wouldn’t over heat. It had fallen out of my pocket, but a kind trail runner found it and placed it on a branch so we would see it coming down. Eggplant Constellation was making it’s hiking debut. Sadly, I didn’t even get a photo of it out in the wild. IMG_20171007_0916208.jpgBetween almost losing my knitwear and the grueling 4.5 miles up only to come 4.5 miles back down made the British Hubby and I were a bit cantankerous by the time we returned to the trail head again. We had sore limbs, but our souls were rejuvenated. 019.JPGI’m not even sure the kitties noticed we were gone!


The Scarves of September

You are supposed to make mistakes. That’s life.

Normally on the last day of September, I would take a group photo of my completed wips. I searched high and low, but my Sunset Cable Scarf is no where to be found. I suspect Ernie has made a cozy cave with it someplace. Instead there are photos of my two completed scarves from my project pages. I’m very proud of my first woven one, Woven Scarf I. 

I’ve been so busy this week I haven’t had a chance to share about our adventure on Ulysses last weekend. We took the freeway out towards the Cascade Mountain range and then found forest roads to get us up the mountain. The first was tree line and a bit chilly.


We had to find a sunny spot for a cup of tea. Yes, that’s a proper china tea cup we’re using for our picnic along with the Jolly Green Giant Stanley tea thermos.

The next stretch of road had a fun bridge. 024

Twisty roads.

And big rocks.

Our next picnic spot included more tea, knitting and more spectacular views of Mt. Rainier. 017


We also found a gravel path. 011

It was a fantastic outing before a very long and exhausting work week. Last week didn’t have much crafting time, but it did have some snuggle time with Ernie. 030.JPG

Let’s see if I can get three completed wips in October! I do have an extra 24 hours after all.


The Hiking Season Begins

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere. ~ Vincent Van Gogh

At the start of the year, the British Hubby and I wanted to do the 52 hike challenge. We soon discovered we prefer hiking in cooler temperatures and not the summer. Our last hike was in May. Now that the mornings are chilly, we decided it was perfect weather for a hike. 30055321710966599-account_id=1

We intended to hike to Lake Margaret, but we never found it. The first path we followed was a dead end, but we unexpected had this amazing view of Mt. Rainier. So we sat and admired the view for a bit.


Next we tried a less obvious route. That wasn’t the right path either, but we had an amazing panoramic spot for lunch. 5997051375436020467-account_id=1

With a view of a lake even though it wasn’t the one we were trying to find. 502036477112470902-account_id=1

This was a great spot to sit and knit for awhile. I even managed to find my knitted sun hat. 478774211521845762-account_id=1

Burt thinks this is far too much activity for a sunny afternoon. IMG_20170923_0808092.jpg

This was hike 12 only 40 more to go!

Outdoor Adventure

The experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by the mountain, he is inspired by it. ~ William Arthur Ward

2017 is the year of outdoor adventure! The British Hubby and I vowed to hike 52 hikes this year. We are off track slightly for that goal, but getting into mother nature more is the ultimate goal. Hike number 10 (it’s also day 10 of no sugar & no carbs) was a completely new hike for the British Hubby and I. Our original plan was a relatively flat four mile hike, but we ended up on the wrong trail. Instead, we were sharing a path with mountain bikers for most of our six mile trek.


Once we were off the main mountain bike trail, this was our view. It was accompanied by a babbling brook and waterfall.


We had a close encounter with a gigantic slug. We thought about hiding off the road while the slug passed, but we managed to slink by him on the outskirts of the trail.


This vertical drop was for ultra experienced bikers! We didn’t seen any adventurous bikers attempt this route while we were close by.

No action shots of finished knitted items on this hike (it’s already too warm!)


Back at the ranch, Ernie was rolling around with his pizza cat nip toy. How cheecky of him to remind us of carbs!


Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind. ~ William Shakespeare

It’s the start of the weekend. This Friday is an extra special celebration of life with the British Hubby’s return from his travels. He knew I’ve been having a tough February so he brought me a special treat some of my favorite tea biscuits and a cute sheepy tea tray! I would have been perfectly happy to just have the British Hubby back home, but this tray is so stinking cute.


Also, I finished two more dishcloths. I’m counting those as project number four for Feb-blue-ary. The patterns are Diamond Mosaic and Dimpled Washcloth. 

Here are loaves five and six. Loaf five is a pineapple carrot which sounds odd, but is lovely especially with tea or a cocoa night cap. The loaf looks a little funny, but looks can be deceiving. Next is a bacon cheddar loaf. I’ve used this in a toasted sandwich. It has a smokey flavor. I haven’t decided if I like this one or not.


Look at what I can do!

I hope your weekend is off to a great start.


Snow Day the I

Kindness is like snow – it beautifies everything it covers. ~ Kahlil Gibran

This was my view this morning when I woke up. Getting out of our drive wasn’t really an option without some digging. So the British Hubby and I put on our boots and did a local hike around the neighborhood in our eight inches of snow!

It involved numerous neighborhood children sledding and downed trees blocking traffic.


This storm pond was particularly pretty.


I even found a few flat surfaces to make a snow angel.

This is Ernie’s idea of a snow day:



The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear. ~ Lao Tzu

This weekend, I took some time to reflect. I went on hike number six. This one was very different than the previous five. It was full of pavement, buildings, more super kitty hats and about 129,999 other people. It covered about eight miles. While, I didn’t commune with nature this weekend, I still feel uplifted, rejuvenated and oddly at peace.


Here’s an extra kitty photo since I don’t have any new knitting snaps. 

Update on other wips:

My wips took a mini break while I made numerous super kitty hats. I pulled them back out yesterday. With a week left in January, wouldn’t it be awesome if I could finish one of these?


Tonight, I tried a new recipe, Mom’s ground turkey and peppers. Well, I started with this recipe and then decided it needed pineapple along with sweet n’sour sauce. The British Hubby contributed by adding some bacon chipotle spice. I’m a big pineapple fan (okay, that’s probably an understatement).


The kitties had a new treat over the weekend. Cat nip bubbles. They don’t understand what happens when the bubble bursts. Ernie was very intrigued by the bubbles. I think you can just make out the bubble by Ernie’s face.