Pom Poms, Badges & Snowstorms

A man who asks is a fool for five minutes. A man who never asks is a fool for life. ~ Chinese Proverb Yesterday afternoon I had my next Stitch Sprouts lesson. We were making pom poms! I was pretty excited. Here's a no tech way to make a pom pom. Or you can get…Read more Pom Poms, Badges & Snowstorms


The Last Cast on for 2017

The year end brings no greater pleasure then the opportunity to express to you season's greetings and good wishes. May your holidays and new year be filled with joy. ~ Charles Dickens My last post, I was contemplating if I should cast on one last project for the year. I couldn't resist one last chance…Read more The Last Cast on for 2017

Outdoor Adventure

The experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by the mountain, he is inspired by it. ~ William Arthur Ward 2017 is the year of outdoor adventure! The British Hubby and I vowed to hike 52 hikes this year. We are off track slightly for that goal, but getting into mother nature more is the ultimate…Read more Outdoor Adventure