Completed Wip III

Never let a stumble be the end of your journey. 

It’s the end of May. That means I should have eight completed or frogged wips. Well, I have three. This month my knitting time was scarce. I had a quick look in the wip bins, but I really want to finish most of those projects. I was tempted to cast on four new projects, but I kept myself in check with just one. I’m calling that a win.


You’ve seen the first two completed wips. The third is my very first hat out of sock yarn, and it’s reversible! Eggplant constellation looks fantastic on both sides. Normally, I think hats are a fairly quick knit, but not so much when one uses fingering weight. I think the effort was worth it. I’m excited this is my eighth completed Malabrigo March project this year leaving just six more to finish.

I couldn’t resist the temptation of Multi May. I cast on a lace shawl in Arco Iris. Below is a progress photo of my Spring Sunrise Shawl. The pattern, stormy sky shawl, is free! It’s not too complicated for late night knitting. I love the tassels on this pattern, but I some how see myself being attacked by the kitties if I add them.


Over the weekend, Ernie modeled a hat.


Let’s see if I can hit eight completed projects in June!


Summer Preparations

It’s never too late to be what you might have been. ~ George Eliot

Today is Memorial Day in the States. Many people thank Veterans for their service on today, but it’s really about remembering those that have fallen in the line of duty. I believe that extends to many service professions not just the military. When I was a child, I thought this weekend marked the beginning of summer. It seems only fitting that the British Hubby spent this weekend on a two day training course for our summer vacation plans.


This gave me a chance to catch up on my 1984 podcast and get some knitting done. Introducing May’s second completed wip, Red Spinning Wheel Shawl. This shawl was a delight to knit. If I had used a smaller needle, I could have gotten away with two skeins, but I’m happy with the fabric produced. Of course, that meant using the third skein two rows from the end. I think it would be lovely in a lighter weight yarn especially as a gift. This makes my seventh finished project from Malabrigo March! This was my first time using Rueca. I wasn’t sure about the thick and thin bits in this base, but it was rather enjoyable to knit with.


Ernie sleeps in the funniest posses!


Two projects completed and six more to go! I’m not sure I’m going to get eight this month, but maybe there’s another finished project or two yet this month. Stay tuned!

Knitting Time

Housework is for those who don’t knit.

When I first started to knit, I had to focus on the stitches. I thought somehow a stitch in the middle would magically fall off the needles if I wasn’t keeping an eye on them. Over time, I realized that wasn’t going to happen, and I could actually knit and do other items. I often knit while watching movies or binge watching shows. Classic fm is another favorite broadcast I enjoy. I love unwinding after a stressful day at the day job with a cup of tea, classical music, some knitting and, of course, Ernie snuggling. Recently, I found a fun podcast, Heather & Justin are creating Revolution, on Patreon. It’s sort of like a book club without having to meet or talk with other people. I call it my book club without the club (great for introverts). Right now, we’re reading 1984. Sometimes the British Hubby and I like to read the same book. Surprising, neither of us had read 1984. If you like classical literature and crafts, Heather is also the author of Craftlit.  We’re currently listening to The Count of Monte Cristo. Or perhaps, you like to sit and contemplate the meaning of life? Sometimes Ernie and I just snuggle while I knit. He likes to tell me about his day.


The photo above shows my progress this week on the purpura projects.

Ernie had some unusual sleep spots this week. I’m not sure why he thought the trash bin was a good spot.

It’s the last weekend of May, I have one finished wip so far. I’m hoping to get at least three done this weekend.



Multicolored May

Life is about using the whole box of crayons. 

Wildflowers are blooming, and pollen is in the air. Spring can be so vibrant with the colors of new growth. The Malabrigo Junkie group is celebrating Variegated skeins with a knit along. You know that skein that is so stunning in the hank it practically jumps off the shelf at you, but once home you have no idea what to make with it. Originally, I had four projects planned this month. (I know your thinking this blog is about finishing wips, and so far, there’s just one finished project for May. What can I say, I’m a process knitter at heart.)


Multicolored May Projects:

  • Stormy Sky Shawl: On the right is lace in arco iris. Wow, these two skeins are very different. I’m going to alternate skeins to combat that.
  • Lumberjack: I’m making a pair for myself with twist in sunset and caribeno. The sunset is middle top and the caribeno is on the far left.
  • Greenwich: With arroyo in anniversario and aguas. This might have to wait until June. The anniversario is the second skein from the left while the aguas is beneath the sunset.
  • Malabrigo Euphoria: These skeins aren’t in the photo. I had a false start on this one during Malabrigo March. I had planned to try again this month, but this might also wait until June.

I have three projects semi close to being finished. My plan is to finish three and cast on two. That seems like a good compromise.


It was windy this afternoon when I snapped this photo. Can you believe Burt and Gracie were this close together? Their fur was touching! I suspect Gracie can’t feel it since she’s so fluffy.

Outdoor Adventure

The experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by the mountain, he is inspired by it. ~ William Arthur Ward

2017 is the year of outdoor adventure! The British Hubby and I vowed to hike 52 hikes this year. We are off track slightly for that goal, but getting into mother nature more is the ultimate goal. Hike number 10 (it’s also day 10 of no sugar & no carbs) was a completely new hike for the British Hubby and I. Our original plan was a relatively flat four mile hike, but we ended up on the wrong trail. Instead, we were sharing a path with mountain bikers for most of our six mile trek.


Once we were off the main mountain bike trail, this was our view. It was accompanied by a babbling brook and waterfall.


We had a close encounter with a gigantic slug. We thought about hiding off the road while the slug passed, but we managed to slink by him on the outskirts of the trail.


This vertical drop was for ultra experienced bikers! We didn’t seen any adventurous bikers attempt this route while we were close by.

No action shots of finished knitted items on this hike (it’s already too warm!)


Back at the ranch, Ernie was rolling around with his pizza cat nip toy. How cheecky of him to remind us of carbs!

Weekend Forecast: Sunny

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. ~ Victor Hugo

We’ve had record breaking rainfall in the PNW this year so it’s exciting to see sun forecasted this weekend. The British Hubby and I are celebrating life with iced tea and rhubarb compote. Rhubarb is traditionally thought of as fruit, but it is actually all veggie. Cooked with a little bit of water on low, it becomes a chunky sauce. When you add a splash of cream, it’s a fantastic no sugar and no carb treat!

This week my new cold brew iced tea filter, Hario, arrived. Since it’s finally warming up, I thought this was the perfect celebrate life drink. It’s incredibly easy to use. Add tea to the glass container, fill it with water, put the top on and six hours later you have fantastic iced tea. I love making my own iced tea so I can choose the flavors from my own tea selection (you know it’s rather extensive).

Malabrigo March Update: I’ve been making slow and steady progress on Malabrigo Love of My Life Shawl Edition. Section A was a bit slow going with over 100 garter rows. It didn’t get interesting until I started doing short rows. I’ve finally reached section B and the second color! I think section B will go a bit faster.


Burt thinks hot pink looks good on him! Or maybe it makes a good pillow.


Purpura Update

Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind. ~ David G. Allen

The past month has been challenging in my work life and personal life. When does life work out according to plan? Naturally, this has impacted my crafting and hiking time (remember at the start of the year the 52 hike challenge?) I have managed a few rows on my purple projects. Check out my progress photo below:


  • Meandering Lace Shawl: I’m on repeat eight of ten in section three. While a ribbing shawl sounds like it would be boring to knit, this is actually interesting to see take form.
  • African Violet Shawl: I just finished the second lace mesh section. If you look closely, you can probably spot the mistake in the middle. I attempted to fix it, but the shawl wasn’t having none of that. It’s now a design feature.


Earlier this week, I caught Burt and Gracie almost snuggling cause it was chilly. I’m pretty sure neither of them realized the other was that close.