Serendipitous Friday

Serendipity: a happy coincidence.

It’s Friday. Time to celebrate life. I’m celebrating happy coincidences. Today was one of those unexpectedly pleasant days in my working career. I was attending a work conference. Originally, I thought today would be a break from the normal routine and a chance to pick up some new skills. To my delight, one of my Mal Gals was also attending the same conference! Suddenly, I had a knitting buddy, a lunch buddy and bus buddy for the commute home. Short of becoming independently wealthy and being able to retire next week, this was a pretty spectacular work day for me.


Here’s our Malabrigo hanging out together at the conference. We were both knitting hats.


This is how Ernie spent today. Looks like we both had pretty amazing Fridays. How are you celebrating life this weekend?




The Cold

I don’t think nuclear weapons will kill us, but germs will. ~ Raymond Martin

I know it’s been awhile. Despite my best efforts, I’m the latest victim to the British Hubby’s cold. Between working and the cold, I’ve done very little knitting. We won’t talk about how much our house looks like a war zone. Or how I still have only four out my ten Malabrigo March projects cast on. I’m still holding on to a slight glimmer I’ll finish a few projects this month.

Meanwhile, here’s a fun shot of Ernie. Even the kitties were frightened off by the violent sneezing and projectile snot.


Maybe in a few days I’ll have a finished project. Or maybe I’ll frog one. If nothing else, I hope to have less phlegm.


Snow Flurries and Frogging

It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop. ~Confucius

We wanted to hike this weekend, but the British Hubby is still recuperating from his cold and we’ve had snow flurries again. This winter sure is persistent. It refuses to make way for Spring. I decided to frog a project and try a new bread recipe. Presenting my first liberated orphan wip for March. TDS 4.3.16 had been sitting there since July. One day I hope to give this pattern another try.


The new loaf was a banana whole wheat flax seed loaf. This is an interesting loaf. It’s not sweet like a quick bread, but it has a hint of cinnamon and ginger. I love it toast with some crunchy peanut butter.


Update on Feb-blue-ary & other wips:

  • Blue Banana: 14 rows completed in section three.
  • Frank in Paris: This is back on track. I have about 10 more rows to go.
  • Dewberry Dancer: I have about 470 stitches and five more border rows to knit. Still quite a bit of knitting left on this one.


Burt was so excited to wind more yarn!

First Friday of March

Confidence is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat and taking the tarter sauce with you. ~ Zig Ziglar

We made it to the end of the week and that means it’s my Friday night celebration of life. Wow, it’s been a dozy of a week. I’m celebrating with my version of fish n’chips. Here’s a lovely Guinness with some breaded claims and coconut shrimp. Did you know it was national tarter sauce day? It’s really just a coincidence I had a craving for seafood today or is it?


I know it’s Malabrigo March, but I’ve been attempting to sneak in a little bit of knitting on my other wips. Here’s a progress shot on the British Tea Latte Socks. I’ve made it to the gusset decreases. This is a close up featuring my favorite heel flap, eye of partridge.


Update on Feb-blue-ary & other wips:

  • Blue Banana: 11 rows completed in section three.
  • Frank in Paris: The new yarn arrived in the mail. I’ll be winding yarn tomorrow.
  • Dewberry Dancer: Section three is complete! I’m onto the border.

The 31 days of Malabrigo March continue with my Twisted Lambs hat in Malabrigo Twist. The pattern for day two was Baa-ble hat.¬†Next is my Mount St. Helens cowl in Rios Winter Lake. Day three’s pattern is the bandana cowl.¬†I love both of these knits and wear them as often as I can.


I’m so fierce. My felty toy fears me!


Malabrigo March Begins!

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. ~ Martin Buber

It’s the start of a new month. Malabrigo March is my favorite month. It’s a month of casting on new projects in my favorite brand of yarn. I know this seems counter productive to my wip quest, but I’m going to attempt to find a happy medium. Currently, I have 10 projects planned. I think I’m going to start by casting on the projects I have a good chance to finish this month. After all, my goal is eight finished wips this month. Below is a group photo for MM17. I don’t have project pages created for everything yet, but I did list the patterns below.


Top Row (left to right):

  1. Ley Lines
  2. Constellate
  3. Pica
  4. Camilla Shawl

Middle Row (left to right):

  1. Traveling Cable Hat
  2. Lumberjack
  3. Spiral Euphoria Cowl
  4. Bon Bon Mittens

Bottom Row (left to right):

  1. Soft Shoulder Cowl/Shawl
  2. Bethune

Today is also day 1 of the 31 Days of Malabrigo. Every year, I try to wear a different Malabrigo item every day of March. The first item was my Cladonia shawl made from sock in Archangel. This is from my very Malabrigo March back in 2013.


Here’s Gracie posing for the camera. Is this her fluffy side?


Are you ready for an exciting month?