Love it or Leave it: Socks

I like making string into something I can wear.

It’s March 31. That means I should have eight completed wips. It also means I’m celebrating the end of the work week. Break out the bubbly, I have eight frogged or finished projects. This month three projects were frogged. All of them were the start of socks. This was a tough decision. I love knitting socks. I love wearing my knitted socks. Naturally, a good chunk of my orphan wips are sock projects, but once I have my wips down I should be able to finish projects a bit faster.


One sock didn’t have a project page yet. The other was my Blossom. Nothing wrong with these yarns or patterns. I know you’re probably thinking I shouldn’t have cast on so many Malabrigo projects when I’m frogging projects, but I like to think of it as a knitters circle of life.


Here’s a group shot of March’s completed wips. Two are from Malabrigo March 2015. Three are casts on from this month.

To celebrate life this week, we’re celebrating with sloppy joes in the crock pot, sweet potato fries, peach mimosas and the latest attempt at pumpernickel bread. This version has no coffee at all. For the liquid I used a 2:1 ratio of black cherry juice and water. As you can see below, it produced a sort of rustic looking loaf. I think I need to cut back on the liquid just a smidge, but otherwise it was a success. Interestingly, this loaf is just a flavorful as you would expect a pumpernickel loaf to be and doesn’t taste at all like cherries. The British Hubby loved it. It won’t last very long.


I’m safe from the vacuum in here, right?

April is just hours away and eight more new wips to complete.


Hat Saturation

A piece of magic is a hat. ~ Martha Sliter

I think I’ve mentioned before the British Hubby and I are at the hat saturation point. Naturally, this means I cast on four different hats this month. All four are for myself. I probably should feel a bit guilty about that, but I don’t in the slightest. Any good knitter would have matching mittens, scarves and hats along with hats in various weights and colors. Two of my new hats you’ve already seen this month. They were my Road Less Traveled Hat and Eggplant Constellation.

Introducing my sixth finished wip for March: Frank in Paris Hat. It only seemed right that I have a matching hat to go with my Frank in Paris Scarf. The pattern is Turn a Square by Jared Flood. This is one of my all time favorite beanies to knit, and it’s free. The yarn is Malabrigo Rios in Frank Ochre and Paris Night.


Above is a progress photo of my Resistance Hat. Another free pattern, resist hat. Shockingly, I’m using Rios for this hat as well. It really does make great hats. This time the colors are Ravelry Red and Natural.  You can just about make out the picture shaping up in the color work section.


Brother love.

Tomorrow is the last day of Malabrigo March. I suspect there will be some last minute casting on in my future. Can I make my goal of eight wips this month?

The Fifth Completed Wip of March

Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts. ~ Winston Churchill

Yesterday, I completed my fifth orphan wip project for March. I came dangerously close to running out of yarn. I think there are about an extra 10 inches. It’s my Dewberry Dancer from Malabrigo March 2016. I’m so excited to wear this. I’ve planned my work outfit for tomorrow around this shawl. Doesn’t everyone plan their outfits around their hand knits?


The yarn is Malabrigo Finito. It’s amazingly soft. I think it’s a cross between kitten belly fluff and clouds. I’m really excited to have this project finished.

Gracie has found her new favorite sleep spot. The British Hubby tries to create obstacles, but she is persistent.


Gracie 3. The British Hubby 0.

Short post tonight. I’m working on the last three projects for March. It’s going to be a close one.

Cooking Adventures

Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art. 

I grew up in a rural area of the Midwest. My culinary exposure was rather lacking. The British Hubby was the complete opposite. Curry is one of his favorite meals. Before we were married, I had never eaten curry let alone attempted to cook one. This is our very first attempt at making curry at home! We’re trying chicken tikka marsala. Our first homemade curry was a success. The British Hubby proclaimed, “It’s almost like being back in the UK!”

I also attempt a pumpernickel loaf today. When the British hubby moved over here, he at a Cheesecake Factory and promptly fell in love with their brown bread. He’s been searching for that same bread ever since. This loaf didn’t quite meet his expectations. It was an interesting recipe. I thought maybe I had found a winner, but alas not so. The liquid is brewed coffee. The British Hubby isn’t a coffee drinker and thus didn’t like it at all. I think I’m going to see what other liquid options I can try to modify the recipe. Stay tuned.


I needed to get some work done today (boo, hiss) so there wasn’t that much knitting happening. I am ready to cast off wip number five. It’s looking like that won’t happen until tomorrow. Silly work life getting in the way of my crafting pursuits.


Burt tried to get me to snuggle all day.



Celebrating Life: Saturday Edition

Life is what you celebrate. All of it. Even it’s end. ~ Joanne Harris

This week has been incredibly long. We’re still fighting the never ending cold virus. It seems especially important to celebrate surviving another work week. To celebrate this week, I have another finished Malabrigo March. Here’s my Road Less Traveled hat. I made this more of a beanie.


I also meet up with some Mal Gals this morning for breakfast and yarn shopping. I wasn’t planning to buy the same color palette, but that’s what happened. Below is Malabrigo in Twist, Rorspatz & Wollmeise (this is my very first Wollmeise) and Tell Tale Yarn a sea shanty gradient kit in tidal twinkle. No plans for any of it really. It just all needed to come live with me.


I’m ending the day with some Green Apple cider, pizza and a movie with the British Hubby and my three favorite fur balls.


Ernie,”Where did he come from?” Burt, “I am the god of boxes. Vacate now!”

Four projects down. Four more to go!

Vernal Equinox

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. ~Proverb

This has certainly been an odd year for winter weather here in the PNW. We’ve had more snow fall and cold temperatures than my Midwestern family. The Vernal Equinox was on Monday. It is officially lighter longer than it is darker if you reside in the Northern Hemisphere. You can find out some interesting facts here. As a knitter, I’m partial to the lamb photo.


Spring always seems like a new beginning. Time to start new projects and clear out old ones. (I know it seems like I’ve been starting more than finishing). It seemed like the perfect time to try a new project or two. The photo above is my first attempt at mittens. Malabrigo Bon Bons uses Rios in Niebla. It’s a Tin Can Knits pattern, Bon Bon Mittens. Naturally, when one has never knit mittens before one plans two mitten projects. The red cake is Malabrigo sock in Ravelry Red. It’s going to become Peace de Resistance Mittens with some Natural (once I purchase this).


Gracie has a new toy. She loves it so much she’s sleeping on it.

Ten days left this month. I have five more projects to finish. Can I manage one every two days or will it be a record number of Love it or Leave it projects this month?



Endings & Beginnings

What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from. ~ T.S. Elliot

I’m starting to feel better but the British Hubby had a relapse. We decided to have another low key weekend to beat this cold once and for all. Fortunately, my knitting mojo is back. I have projects two and three finished for March. Presenting a completed Frank in Paris and Seashell Cape.  I’m undecided if I’m happy with the neck on Seashell Cape. I guess I’m going to need to wait until it is cold again to decide.


I used the weekend to cast on a few more Malabrigo March projects. Below is a group photo. Introducing Sunset Triumph Scarf, Glazed Lumberjacks and Meandering Lace Shawl. The Sunset Triumph Scarf and Glazed Lumberjacks are gifts. I’m pretty exited to try Malabrigo’s newest yarn base, Dos Tierras. I can’t wear alpaca, but I can knit with it. Glazed Lumberjacks are for the British Hubby. He loves his Rye socks and has been hinting he needs more socks.


I also tried a new bread recipe with a batch of Potato Leek Soup. This is apple cheddar loaf, is spectacular. I was slightly worried it would be too sweet, but the hints of apple just barely come through.

Sunbathing is the kitties number one favorite pass time.


Three projects completed and five more to go!