Liberated Orphans of May

Presenting the eight liberated Orphans of May! In no particular order: Mecha Rye Holiday Hitchhiker Oceans of Malabrigo Citron Grande Baby Blanket Frogged Sweater Silky Hat Basia Hat When I began this journey, I wanted to finish my long forgotten projects over the next 10 months. That equated to about eight projects every month. Some…Read more Liberated Orphans of May


Count Down to June

It's mid-day on May 29th. There are approximately 60 hours left in this month. The clock is ticking down on my quest to liberate eight Orphans this month. I've been busy blocking and weaving in ends. Here's another project having a soak. This one the suds were overflowing. Here's a few more liberated orphans. I decided…Read more Count Down to June

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday, things ain't going my way Everything is gone, my life is a country song, oh-oh This is one of my all time favorite Aqua songs. And it's perfect for Friday the 13th. You can't help but bop your head when you hear this song. Freaky Friday. We also like to honor Friday the 13th by…Read more Freaky Friday