Bed Socks

Speak softly and carry extra socks; you will go far. – Theodore Roosevelt

Yesterday was the summer solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, it was the longest day of the year. I know it seems odd that I’m writing about bed socks now. What can I say, winter is coming. Until a few years ago, I had never been a fan of thick bed socks. Maybe that changed when I moved to the PNW. Now, I love a good a thick cozy pair of socks for lounging around the house. Last year, I made the British Hubby his first pair of Rye socks. He immediately claimed one pair was not enough. Can you blame the man? Bed socks are fun to knit and amazing to wear. Below is a progress photo the British Hubby’s Glazed Lumberjacks. I’m working on sock number two!



Last month, I had several multi-colored May projects planned I just didn’t get started. I decided it was okay to cast on one new project this month. I did mention Winter was coming right? I’m going to need warm bed socks, and I don’t have any socks using Malabrigo Twist. For scientific purposes, I must determine which Malabrigo base creates the best bed sock. (Okay, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!) Thus, here’s my Twisted Lumberjacks in Caribeno and Sunset. I can tell these are going to be a delight on my feet when the rainy season returns.


Gracie is keeping an eye on the neighborhood.


How did you spend the Summer Solstice?

Today in History

I can’t change the world, but I can change the world in me. ~ Bono

Here’s an interesting fun fact, today in 1979 a solar energy system was installed in the White House. Here in the PNW, it’s been sort of gray and gloomy. I know most folks are ready for summer to start, but I’m sort of partial to rain myself. It means I can wear knitting that much longer! Since it’s sort of gloomy, I thought this was a good chance to do an update on my color-along projects. I have four months worth going on right now!


  • Meandering Lace Shawl: One repeat of 20 completed in section four.
  • African Violet Shawl: This is about five stitches shy of 30. Even more exciting, I’m on the border charts. There is still quite a bit of knitting left on this shawl, but I see the faintest glimmer of a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Spring Sunrise Shawl: This is a fun knit. Just when you get bored with one section, it changes! I’m also very happy with how the skeins look alternated.
  • April Showers: (not pictured) I just started the second skein on this one. I’m attempting to just keep knitting until I run out of yarn or come very very close.


Ernie was contemplating life tonight. Wonder what he concluded.


Weekly Celebrations

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Last week was rough. This week wasn’t much better. The British Hubby had his first root canal. While my immune system was compromised last weekend, I managed to pick up a virus. A series of bad medical decisions led to some severe medication side effects and dehydration. You know it’s bad when jello is too spicy. Fortunately, an amazing Urgent Care team at my hospital was able to get me rehydrated and back on the road to recovery. Now that my appetite has returned, I’m celebrating with dry toast, applesauce and water. I know it’s not no carbs, but well, I needed my food to be rather bland.


Not much knitting happening this week. I had been making steady progress on my Sunset Cable Scarf. At this rate, it just might be finished in time for Christmas.


Burt found the perfect sleep spot. A blankie on top of a pillow!


Next week maybe there will be no health issues and a finished project. Okay, I’ll settle for some knitting progress.

New Life

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

This week had it’s ups and downs. The British Hubby needed some emergency dental work done (I know you’re thinking the British aren’t exactly known for their fantastic teeth). At the end of the week, I had a mini bout with the flu for about 36 hours. Today we’re celebrating having our health and a new plant. A few months ago, one of the kitties chewed off part of my only succulent plant in the house. In an attempt to salvage the broken bits, I stuck one part in a shot glass of water and put it on our kitchen window sill. Last week, there was a good root system in place so I planted it in a little tea cup. Now, this is normally where plants go south for me. I mean well, but they always seem to die once I replant them. Today, I noticed my little plant has new leaves budding!


This week I needed an easy knitting project. Malabrigo Love of My Life Shawl Edition, was exactly what I needed. The garter rows makes this project easy to follow when I wasn’t feeling the greatest. Now that I’m in section C, you can see the short row shaping which makes this an interesting knit.


Ernie found another new sleep spot.


June Gloom

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. ~John Steinbeck

Years ago, the British Hubby and I lived in Southern California. That was our first experience with June Gloom, cooler temperatures and overcast skies. Sometimes in the PNW, we have a version of this with cloud cover that burns off by the afternoon. It can create some chilly mornings. Naturally, it seems fitting the Malabrigo Junkie group is using Grey for this month’s color along. Shockingly, I had a wip that will work (I know you’re not surprised).  Here’s my April Showers using Malabrigo Lace Superwash in Plomo. This is the third or fourth Curl I’ve made. The pattern is Argent by Hunter Hammersen. These scarf/shawls/wraps can be worn so many different ways. And they are interesting to knit. My last two hat patterns were also by Hunter Hammersen. Her patterns are just a delight to knit.


I just started the second skein. My biggest challenge with this wip will be trying to use all the yarn without running out. This yarn was discontinued so I’m unlikely to find any more.


It’s just the right size for an Ernie cape! His super power is snuggling.

Purple Rain

Purple enhances creativity, clears the mind and calms stress.

It’s not much of a surprise, purple is my favorite color (especially if you’ve been following my blog for a bit). It has been since I was five. Naturally, I’ve always wanted to see it raining purple rain. I guess I’ll have to settle for listening to the Prince song. Or maybe I’ll just keep working away on my Purpura wips.


  • Meandering Lace Shawl: I just started section four. You can’t see it in this photo, but it’s there.
  • African Violet Shawl: The rows are taking longer and longer. This week I managed to finish the third garter section and the next two row stripe. 300 stitches here I come!

Its the weekend again. We’re celebrating life with iced tea, bacon cheeseburgers and a lovely salad. Yum! It’s day 22 of no carbs and no sugar. My extra padding is slowly, but surely coming off.


Gracie is trying to decide if there’s any bacon cheese burger for her.


How are you celebrating life this weekend?


Completed Wip III

Never let a stumble be the end of your journey. 

It’s the end of May. That means I should have eight completed or frogged wips. Well, I have three. This month my knitting time was scarce. I had a quick look in the wip bins, but I really want to finish most of those projects. I was tempted to cast on four new projects, but I kept myself in check with just one. I’m calling that a win.


You’ve seen the first two completed wips. The third is my very first hat out of sock yarn, and it’s reversible! Eggplant constellation looks fantastic on both sides. Normally, I think hats are a fairly quick knit, but not so much when one uses fingering weight. I think the effort was worth it. I’m excited this is my eighth completed Malabrigo March project this year leaving just six more to finish.

I couldn’t resist the temptation of Multi May. I cast on a lace shawl in Arco Iris. Below is a progress photo of my Spring Sunrise Shawl. The pattern, stormy sky shawl, is free! It’s not too complicated for late night knitting. I love the tassels on this pattern, but I some how see myself being attacked by the kitties if I add them.


Over the weekend, Ernie modeled a hat.


Let’s see if I can hit eight completed projects in June!