Conspiracy Thursday: Reefer Madness

The truth is far more frightening - Nobody is in control. It's been awhile since I've posted about conspiracies. (Silly day job keeping me from my personal life.) 2018 is the year of Intrigue, Conspiracy and World Domination. I've been exploring conspiracies this year. The British Hubby and I even started listening to a Conspiracy…Read more Conspiracy Thursday: Reefer Madness


The Dangers of AI

Godzilla is the most masterful of all dinosaur movies because it made you believe it was really happening. ~ Steven Spielberg I'm a week behind on my Godzilla movies. Last week, we watched Godzilla vs. Megalon. This movie was action packed with a night time car chase, industrial espionage and artificial intelligence. You can also…Read more The Dangers of AI